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About Us

My name is Mike Butts. My wife Beth and I wanted to create this special place for people like us who love and want to protect animals; to lend a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. To us, animals are like children, both innocent and loving and they need and deserve our protection.

During conversations at work or at a party someone will inevitably ask, "Do you have any kids?" Beth and I have always said," yes but they have four legs". I soon discovered we weren't alone and thousands of people say pretty much the same thing. Of course your kids can have four legs, or even wings, we're all talking about our beloved pets. All are welcome here.

As a matter of fact, the BUTTS ZOO consists of 2 dogs named, Nikki and Bella, 3 hamsters named, Fuzz, Crash and Blondie; 2 bunnies named, Cadbury and Lil' Lady; 2 cats named, Penny and Rescue, our Cockatoo named Disco and our rescued horse Flip. All are rescues and have been adopted. You can see them on the Petting Zoo page.

We believe that pet stores are great for food and toys but not for buying an animal. There are animal shelters all over the world that are full of animals that have been abandoned and need and deserve a loving home like yours.

We aren't just animal lovers we want to do everything we can to stop every form of animal cruelty. There is no place in a humane world for dog-fighting, cock fighting, bull-fighting, clubbing of baby seals, abandonment and neglect. Animals do not deserve to be tortured in laboratories and turned into fur coats. What animals really need are good people like you stepping up to the plate for them, better laws and then enforcement of those laws. is for people who want to take the high road-the humane road-the right road in helping these wonderful creatures who give us unconditional love. Never once has my dog Buddy told me "your butt looks fat in those jeans"! Chances are since you found us, you "get it" and you've found a welcome home.

Some people just don't understand our passion-they'll say things like,"come on it's just a dog, or it's only a cat". To those people I always remind them that even if they don't like animals, they should fight to stop animal cruelty. Every known serial killer in history began torturing animals first.

Ted Bundy, Albert DeSalvo( the Boston strangler) Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam-All tortured animals before they moved up the ladder to women and children. These people are cowards and only pick on animals or people that have no power to defend themselves.

John Wayne Gacy "The Killer Clown", Richard Ramirez (The night stalker) and one of the Hillside Stranglers, Kevin Bianchi-all began their pathetic rampages with animals first.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold used to tell their friends they had fun mutilating people's pets. You and I know them because they walked into Columbine High School and killed 12 of their fellow students before taking their own lives.

So it is in everyone's best interest to stop animal cruelty and have laws that send these people to prison for a long time .

Please take a moment and send us a photo of your four legged kid(s) to proudly display in our "Petting Zoo" so the world can log on and see your "best friend(s)".

Beth and I and all our fourleggedkids welcome you to our
Compassion Community! Be confident that we will never sell, or share your personal information with anyone, and will never recommend a product or service that we don't believe in or haven't used ourselves.

So please, Come-Sit-and Stay!

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